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HSV International School stands for the Haagsche Schoolvereeniging which was our first primary school established in The Hague in 1901. The school opened an international department in 1986 and offers international education which is subsidised by the Dutch Ministry for Education. Children who are eligible for places at the school are those from ex-pat families who are residing in the Netherlands for a period of 3-4 years or Dutch families returning to The Netherlands for a short time before being reposted abroad.

The International Department is housed in three locations situated in different parts of The Hague. Our Nassaulaan building (NSL) is located in the heart of the Hague and houses a Dutch and International department. There are seven international year groups and nine Dutch year groups, making the total of 16 classes in the building. Children from both departments join together for specialist lessons, location-wide activities and trips. The HSV is an internationally diverse school, with families from all over the world. 


We offer small learning environments with a maximum of twenty children per class and teach using a globally focused curriculum. There is a curriculum framework and teachers use this to plan lessons for the children in their class according to their needs. The mathematics curriculum is taken from the National Numeracy strategy from the U.K and the literacy curriculum takes the National Literacy strategy as its foundation. The International Primary School Curriculum (IPC) is used to teach science, history and geography, ICT, design technology, music and physical education, as well as community education in an integrated way.  If children join the school with limited English, individualised support is received from our EAL team. 

As part of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), The HSV International Primary School has adopted the following Personal Goals:

  • Adaptability: We are willing to try and get used to new things
  • Communication: We can connect with others in different ways   
  • Co-operation: We can work together
  • Enquiry: We want to find out and learn about things
  • Morality: We do the right thing and tell the truth 
  • Resilience: We don’t give up   
  • Thoughtfulness: We think before we act 
  • Respect: We are care about other people’s feelings and look after property


We work with the concept of developing a growth mindset. It’s our belief that most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work - brains and talent are just the starting point. 

VHS is our newest international location, situated in the Bezuidenhout area of The Hague: Van Heutszstraat 12. 



Quality assurance at the HSV takes the form of lesson observations, regular teacher surveys using assessment data, as well continual revision of an active school development plan.

There is a systematic approach to testing, assessment and tracking progress. The children’s attainment in reading and mathematics is tested on an annual basis. These tests are used in conjunction with assessment continuums for reading and mathematics to monitor pupil progress. The children also partake in writing assessments three times a year that are used to monitor progress. Information from these formal assessments, as well as informal assessments, is used to plan learning opportunities for children. Reports are sent home to parents three times a year. 


Parents have the opportunity to become involved in school activities in a number of ways. For example, each location has an Activity Committee consisting of interested parents/guardians who work with teachers and parents. They help organise special activities at school e.g. Christmas, Sinterklaas, book week, Zomerfeest etc. There is a Parent Teacher Council (known as the MR in the Netherlands), which plays an important role in the communication between parents, staff and Management at the school. Finally, each class has its own Class Parent, who helps the teacher with organising various class related activities throughout the year. 

Kennismaken en aanmelden

Kennismaken met de school

Once a month the HSV holds an open morning for prospective families. At the NSL location this occurs on a Tuesday. Please see the HSV website for upcoming dates. 


  • 2018 / 2019 Geen leerlingplafond
  • 2019 / 2020 Geen leerlingplafond

U kunt uw kind op onze school aanmelden vanaf 3 jaar.